MAGNET (the Media and Games Network) is a shared space for faculty and students from across NYU who are exploring experiences at the intersection of culture and technology. It houses several programs that offer undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students the chance to pursue degrees and research in game design, social science, digital media design, computer science and game engineering. The space was co-designed by the participating departments within NYU schools and is intended to pull together faculty and students from a wide range of disciplines on a daily basis by using carefully-designed shared spaces and intelligent integration of curriculum and research from participating faculty and programs. An Educational Technology PhD student could get to know a Game Design MFA who is just the person to make a research project succeed; a Computer Science undergraduate might find herself as part of a start-up game company after taking a few classes with students from the Game Center and Integrated Digital Media; and a Game Design thesis team might take up an experimental interface technology that was demonstrated at a talk by resident researchers and receive design input for playtesting research from a Games for Learning student.

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